About Us


My name is Klare Popejoy and I am the owner of Popejoy Haus Cabins. My husband and I met 39 years ago in a small village in Germany. He swept me off my feet and we were married 11 months later in a beautiful church in my home town. After only being married for 4 months he brought me back to the USA. Once the initial shock of leaving home, family, friends and everything I held dear passed, I determined that I would make the very best of living here. Learned the language and customs were so very different here. But soon America became my home and the place I now love and hold very dear. We decided to finally settle in Glen Rose and make use of our 18 acres so that I could be a stay at home mother while raising our 3 children. They are all grown now and I love to spend my time being involved in my church, being hospitable, painting, baking, cooking, and keeping busy with my very special grandchildren Hunter (11) and Kailee (3) and Adia (2). Due to the fact that I want to spend more time with my grand-children I have recently made some changes and turned the cabins into long term rentals.  Living and raising a family here in this beautiful Texas countryside has been a blessing, and I look forward to sharing the joys of being in the country with you!