Popejoy Haus Cabins — “A Touch of Germany”

Popejoy Haus has recently undergone some changes. We are no longer just a “Weekend Get Away”. You can now stay with us weekly, monthly or for a life time! Fully furnished units are equipped with frig., stove, microwave, dishes, linens. Some with Washer & Dryer                                                      For long term stay deposit is required!

Please call for daily, weekly and monthly rates: *254-897-9167254-897-9167 *

Our property is gated so no worries about safety. If you are single or a couple and you are looking for a quiet retreat we are just the place for you!

Choose from “King Ludwig’s” cabin, the “Linderhof” cabin, the “Heidelberg”cottage,”Gunter’s Nest” cabin, or the “Rothenburg” cabin.


“Rothenburg” cabin                         “Linderhof” cabin                   “King Ludwig´s” cabin

“Gunter´s Nest” cabin               “Heidelberg” cottage (leased)